The Nighty before Christmas

Another online murder mystery

Let’s face it; it’s about time.

It is now late October and I am struggling to get my SECOND online murder mystery up and running. I’m at the final hurdle or, at least, I only have about four or five hurdles to go.

I’d forgotten how much work, and compromise, is involved.

When's the next murder mystery?

That’s what everyone kept asking – and by ‘everyone’, I mean the 80 or so who bought the first one, the Lockdown Murder Mystery. You know who you are (were?) and thank you for it.

I kept promising. I even filmed it last Christmas – we shot one day in December 2020 (I had to do t before I got rid of the Christmas tree) and the final two days were shot in January and February 2021.

That was it. Three days of shooting. A ton of footage that sat there for months (I did edit the title sequence but I put off the bulk of it).

Then I got ‘lucky’. I had to pull out of three weeks work in Sweden because I was due to shoot ONE DAY (one SINGLE day) on a TV drama, and they changed the date so I couldn’t do the Swedish job. I figured it would be a good time to get around to edit my new mystery…at last. And with a bit of luck, I’d get it done in time for Christmas.

Because it is set on Christmas Day. It will be hosted at (No…I couldn’t believe that domain name was available either).

So now the films are edited and just about ready to go.

So where's the problem?

I’m building the site. I’m creating the paperwork, the clues. etc.

But there is SO much to do! I don’t seem to get any closer. And I have two weeks before I’m away again. It HAS to be ready by the end of October (for who will buy it after Christmas? Who will buy it before?)

Then there are the other problems.

MARKETING: I got banned from Facebook.

I know. People say, ‘What the hell did you do!’ I don’t know (they don’t tell you). I have my suspicions. But the fact is, FB don’t let you sign up again for at least a month. So I can’t get at my Lockdown Murder Mystery page and I’ll need to start again.

But at least it is on its way. It is called ‘The Nighty before Christmas’. I hope to talk about it in the months and years to come, but I’m hardly a non-stop publicist.

Oh yes, I’m looking at using MemberPress as the means to access it (it will cost around £20, as to the free / £3.99 Lockdown Murder Mystery) but more on that to come.

When it is up and running, check it out (LESS than two weeks from now!)

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