Some people (not too many yet for I have only had a dozen or so who have forked out the tiny amount of £3.99 to buy the paperwork – and thank you to those people for doing so) have had problems with various parts of the website.

The first problem seems to be getting hold of the clue-pack itself. I must admit, the link isn’t terribly obvious, but it’s the commerce software that seems to be in control of that. There is a tiny link on the PURCHASE CONFIRMATION page that links to the clue pack. Click on that and it should download.

Beyond this, there should be an email sent through to the address you give on the purchase page that also has the link to the clue pack. If that isn’t coming through, I will need to sort that out before the millions of visitors arrive (which gives you an insight of just how deluded I really am).

The second problem some people have is in finding the DENOUEMENT video (and, as silly as it seems, I don’t really like to admit such a video exists before you play the game – George Butler is supposed to have failed in his investigation so how can there be an ‘answer’).

When I test it, it seems fine. It could be the link to that final video is quite a way down the page rather than in an obvious place. Again, I don’t WANT to make it obvious for anyone coming to the site for the first time.

It’s interesting, though, how people play. I had assumed (a dangerous thing, assumption) that people would buy the pack in advance and then have to log back in a few hours (or a day or two) later. But some, and I should have realised this as it is pretty obvious, buy it, watch immediately and are still logged in when they seek that mysterious answer. I think I fixed that problem.

Others bought the pack (thanks once again) and spend a leisurely week (yes, an entire week) thinking about the case, watching each video casually and then logging back in to get the ‘answers’.

I have a newfound appreciation for all of those huge website where you click on a link and don’t get what you think you’re after. One has to think of every combination in advance.

The upshot is that I am going to take a look at the site again and try to make it simpler to get access to what is required. After all, the last thing I want is for people to get frustrated they can’t get what they paid for. I will always send you the clue-pack or guide you to the denouement video (if it exists) if you have a problem. At the same time, I need to be careful it isn’t so freely available to everyone.

But let me know ( if you have any problems. Without knowing, I will have no way of overcoming them for the billions of visitors to come (there’s that delusion again).

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