Paid FaceBook Ads

Paid Facebook Ads

My thanks to Theresa Smith for pointing out the way to go.

The irony is that, whilst I fully accept her premise, by writing this quick post, I am sort of contradicting it whilst, at the same time, endorsing it. It came about after I published my last post (this very morning – I’m quite enjoying doing the posts now) which talked boy the importance of IMAGERY in a filmed murder mystery, rather than the scripted words in a live show.

I put a post on FaceBook that explained my sudden burst of postal energy is to get keywords out there, content out there, anything out there that would rise me through the ranks of Google.

Theresa (who has played and LOVED my lockdown Murder Mystery – and if you haven’t played it yet, I strongly advise you get on with it before I reach retirement age, whatever that is now) pointed out, and I quote:

“I think your market is on Facebook not through SEO. Are people googling for this sort of thing? Sponsored FaceBook ads? That’s how I found you.’

Very good point.

Just because I still go with the entire Google thing, doesn’t mean everyone takes that route. I am NOT a FaceBooker (well, I am now, but I wasn’t before). My sons (both now in their early twenties) moved away from FaceBook almost as soon as they learned to walk (I think even TicTok is a little passé for their tastes).

Why not both: Google AND FaceBook?

Thing is, I think I should do both.

Or all.

I want to be at the top of the Google pile for anyone who uses the search engines. I have no idea how to fully use FaceBook, but I think Theresa is right, it is the route I should be taking. I have absolutely no clue as to the point of Instagram, and Twitter seems like a platform for various presenters of The Apprentice to slug it out with Piers Morgan. It’s a good place to practice your swearing and discover what makes your blood boil.

So I will keep writing (it’s an excuse for NOT getting on with creating my next online mystery) but I will delve further and deeper into FaceBook and all the rest of it.

Who knows where it will all lead.

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