Online Murder Mystery 2

The next online murder mystery

A few people have pointed out that, although they loved playing my lockdown murder mystery, I need a few more online murder mystery games in order that the punters (hopefully, that includes you) have something to come back for.

There are a lot of murder mystery companies out there who have stopped their live performances. Some have turned to producing online murder mysteries instead.

These include Murder57Moonstone Murders, neither of whom I’d heard of before, and Red Herring Games, who have been selling downloadable mystery games and box sets for some years.

Both Red Herring and Moonstone seem to perform their regular scripts on Zoom, whilst Murder57 offer a series of still pictures over a voiceover on FaceBook.

Competition in the online murder mystery arena?

Online Murder Mystery 2

Nobody, of course, has taken my route (why ever would they?)

It struck me as both practical and silly; practical to self-shoot a series of films in which I play all the parts, and silly because I love the idea of a senior detective cooped up at home with a box full of costumes and the desire to recreate a failed murder investigation.

But where do I go from here?

The Lockdown Murder Mystery worked in April but it’s very much ‘of its time’, albeit a time none of us will ever forget so, in a way, it is timeless (meaning I hope people will continue to play it for years to come). If you haven’t played the first game yet, what are you waiting for? Play it HERE.

But there seems no way D I Butler would ever create a second Online Murder Mystery during the Lockdown (mainly as the lockdown ends).

However, it now seems obvious to me that, if promoting this site is going to be worthwhile, I should be offering at least two, or maybe a lot more, online murder mystery games.  

My instinct is to continue (now I’ve started) with filmed murder mysteries, but I could just as easily (he says without properly thinking it through) offer downloadable murder mystery games. You know the sort of thing; each of your guests gets to play a character and, at the same time, read half a book of character notes as the mystery night proceeds.

A Christmas Online Murder Mystery

If the lockdown returned (and let’s hope it doesn’t) over the winter months, I’m ready.

I began writing a murder mystery, called The Nighty before Christmas, about four years ago. We didn’t produce it until last year. Even then, it only had one outing. Well…two…

One client objected to the word ‘Nighty’. They didn’t think it was politically correct (although they didn’t mind there was a murderer). So they pulled the show!

Second Online Murder Mystery

Whilst it is a good Christmas show (which I could re-title ‘Santa Slays’), I don’t think D I Butler should do another re-enactment where he plays all the characters. 

So, if I’m not going head-to-head with the other companies on the Zoom / FaceBook / Teams route, and I’m not going to do another ‘one-man’ mystery, what will I do?

It's complicated

I have an idea for my next, proper online murder mystery. 

It is an idea I had years back but did nothing with (although now, I have actually started the script, which is exciting). It could be a sort of socially-distanced murder mystery inasmuch as there will be a number of actors involved, but they won’t all be in the same room.

I’m not going to say too much about it because, whilst the concept is still broad, it is is easily copied.

But I may need YOUR help…

You want to be in it?

It may not come to anything but, if I get this right, I will need actors and, possibly, not JUST actors. It will involve some filming but it’s the sort of filming you could do on a mobile phone (although I’d still prefer DSLR or video cameras). I would script it, get my (you?) ‘volunteers’ to film their ‘parts’ (possibly not even seeing the other parts of the script), and I would edit and produce it.

These are early days. I’m not expecting a crowd outside my door come the morning (at the moment, I’d be happy if only one person actually reads this and, curiously enough, I’m hoping that person is YOU). But if I do create another show, and if you contact me to register your interest, you could be in it.

In fact, the audience get the chance to be in it themselves. HOW can I create an online murder mystery in which the audience can play a part? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. But I don’t thinking any other online murder mystery game offers you this chance. So I hope that works in its favour.


You in?

I can’t say for sure this will go ahead.

I can’t be sure ANYONE will read this and, if they do, will volunteer. Nor can I promise to include everyone if I get too many volunteers.

But if you are interested, please complete this form (include brief details about yourself – age, etc. a photo if you like, in the message box).

You can also let me know if you like the idea of The Nighty Before Christmas (which could well become my THIRD online murder mystery game).

Look forward to hearing from you.

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