Murder Mystery Blog

Murder Mystery Party Box

Murder Party Box

I've done some research now on Dennis Wheatley and his Murder Mystery Games. Quite interesting (and he has a bookshelf very ...
Murder History

Murder History

Every year, usually in January, I resolve to tidy up my studio and THROW STUFF OUT! Get rid of my ...
Chesford Grange Hotel

Live Events again! After two years, it’s about time.

Live events! We haven't had many of those in the last couple of years. In fact, we haven't done any ...
Christmas murder Mystery

The Nighty before Christmas

The Nighty before Christmas Another online murder mystery Let's face it; it's about time.It is now late October and I ...
DJ Shadow Nobody Speak

DJ Shadow Nobody Speak

DJ Shadow Nobody Speak Talking of links, I thought I'd improve my chances of getting my murder mystery videos up ...
FaceBook ads

Paid FaceBook Ads

Paid Facebook Ads My thanks to Theresa Smith for pointing out the way to go. The irony is that, whilst ...
Writing to the Image

Writing to the image

Writing to the Image I remember John Fowles, years ago, talking on the radio about how he came to write ...
SEO blackboard

New Website SEO

NEW WEBSITE SEO In my last post, I recommended The Income School as a place to learn SEO. I may ...
SEO image

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation; an experiment I'm going to categorise these particular blogs, my Search Engine Optimisation blogs, as SEO.Now, whether ...
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