Murder Party Box

I’ve done some research now on Dennis Wheatley and his Murder Mystery Games.¬†Quite interesting (and he has a bookshelf very similar to my own if his photo is anything to go by). But aside from his Murder Mystery Game, I now own another.

My sister gave me a Murder Mystery Party Box at Christmas. Not ‘for’ Christmas, you note (she bought me some beers) but as a ‘chuck out’. A friend of hers gave her this old Murder Mystery Party Box (called Murder by Magic) and she passed it on to me.

My sister is the exact opposite of me. She hoards nothing. Her house is virtually empty, aside from a TV on the wall. She had her kitchen renovated a couple of years ago and her husband only let her have ONE CUPBOARD! Don’t ask…coz I don’t understand it.

Murder by Magic

So I got this box. Now that’s OK, I’ve owned such boxes in the past. I may even have one or two in the attic still. But I have never, ever played them.

I cannot imagine asking friends (and that is assuming I have any) around for dinner with an invitation to assume a character and play a part in a party game.

Not just because of the pandemic.

I mean, there is all that reading for a start. And I never understand how you can justify a game by writing on your card, ‘YOU ARE THE KILLER’, let alone those games where you are told that the killer can vary each time so you can play the game again and again.

I mean, how do the clues work in that case? I just couldn’t do it.

Could I do it?

I’ve literally just said I couldn’t do it. But I have often thought I should.

After all, it’s a darn sight cheaper to write something that can be downloaded than it is to film it. So when I come to create my new site, MurderMastery (yes, I am considering do more of this), I think I should have a section where such games are available.

Don’t get me wrong. I still want to do the video downloadable games; this one (the Lockdown Murder Mystery), the Christmas Murder Mystery (The Nighty before Christmas), my next one – a Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery called The Case of the Unsolved Mystery and my expensive one (as it has about ten actors in it), The YouTube Murders.

But downloadable, play-it-yoursel mystery games? Yeah. Why not.

The problem, for me, is that they should always be funny. How can you guarantee that if you’re not there? I don’t know. I don’t yet know how I will write these things.¬†

All I know for now is that I think I should.

Cassette Tape

You will see this game contains a cassette tape. Remember those?

Not much good to me now as my last cassette player was thrown out with my Volvo 940 Estate. And there is no point in including tapes or DVD’s. I mean, who has that stuff now.

But I like the idea of using sound and/or video (I just can’t resist), so some sort of digital download will be required. I dunno. Watch this space (or rather, head over to when I’ve built it)

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