Live Events again! After two years, it’s about time.

Live events! We haven’t had many of those in the last couple of years.

In fact, we haven’t done any live events since January 2020! Live events, not just for us but for everyone, have pretty much disappeared altogether over the duration of the pandemic. In fact, it was one of the reasons I created Lockdown Murder Mystery (online).¬†This is the show we use, almost exclusively, for our live events (although it goes under the name of The Peyton Case).

But tomorrow night (Wednesday 8 December, 2021) we have been booked by a regular agent, Bright Vision Events, to perform at Chesford Grange Hotel. The audience is made up of just 10 (yes, ten) people from Zurich, the insurance company. There were twelve people but two have dropped out (ominous in these times).

How do we feel about doing live events again?

Exactly! Good question.

I’m not nervous about it. I’ve been working in a live environment throughout. Filming, etc. I was even working in the east of France last week (Strasbourg). That was interesting, travelling by train from St. Pancras to Paris to Strasbourge (a bit like the journey Frank Peyton makes). You need to show your COVID Pass everywhere and wear a mask virtually at all times.

But it’s the fuss of doing a live event. We’ve all been a bit spoilt recently, working from home. Got a bit lazy, maybe. I have had to prepare a bit more this time. Got to arrange to pick up my fellow actor, Brian, got to work out a leaving time, how long the journey will take. I’ve just printed the paperwork (clues, book, etc.) and will need to pack the props and costumes. I don’t know how the ‘actors’ will feel about wearing a hat or carrying a prop when they don’t know where that hat or prop has been.

But it will be interesting to do. As I say, our last live event was at the end of January 2020, at a hotel near Heathrow. 

We completely missed our 30 year anniversary. Accidental Productions first show was performed in Eastbourne for a financial company called Hill Samuel on 30 November, 1990.

Last year was our 30th anniversary but, of course, we had no live events at the time. Last week was the 31st anniversary so this live event will need to be the celebratory one. This will be our first (and only) live show this year.

The future, I think, should be these filmed versions. I prefer them (from a creative point of view). Bit annoyed that my new show, Christmas Murder, The Nighty before Christmas, doesn’t yet appear to be recognised by Google. It has been online for a couple of months now but the search engines are not helping. perhaps it takes a bit more patience to get the hang of online murder mystery. maybe live events are the future after all.

But tomorrow…! Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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