A player watching the video

Playing the Lockdown Murder Mystery OK, I know how it is supposed to be. This is an online murder mystery game: you watch the videos (the videos I shot right here, where I am now), you download and print off (or display on your screen) the clue pack and the various photographs, newspaper cuttings, etc. …

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Play the Game

Play the game

Play the Game This is a murder mystery game. It is meant to be a bit of fun and, I am learning, is played almost exclusively at weekends (though it’s hard to differentiate the days of the week during lockdown). So any major changes I make to this site (and by ‘major’ I mean any …

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the goal

Some people (not too many yet for I have only had a dozen or so who have forked out the tiny amount of £3.99 to buy the paperwork – and thank you to those people for doing so) have had problems with various parts of the website. The first problem seems to be getting hold …

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